Thursday, 27 June 2013

Module Review for BSP1005

BSP1005 - Managerial Economics

What is it? 

I felt that I was cheated to take this module. It is a business mod and for the past few sems it's taught by Professor Gong Li. I heard that this module is more focused on concepts than math and the final exam is mostly MCQs testing on how well you know the concepts and definitions. That is the reason why I bidded for the module thinking that Gong Li will still be the professor. I heard that econs in university are unlike JC: there is a lot of math and calculation involve which I suck at it. Sadly, during my semester the professor who taught this module has been changed to Professor Yang Nan and Professor Jo Seung-gyu and hell just started for me.

What you will learn in this module is about different concepts, graphs and formulas. You need to know how to apply them in specific situations. 

Exam format + How to score

This module is focusing on microeconomics. And during my time the profs are more towards testing your knowledge base on problem sums (ALL CALCULATIONS DAMN IT). You need to form a group and every fortnight there is a submission of problem sets (total 4 problem sets in a semester). Pray hard that you form a group with zai and diligent tutorial mates; the best strategy is to form group with PRCs as normally they are very good at math. Students who are good at calculations could totally own the bell curve. 

The problem sets total add up to 20%, so each problem set is 5% and they are not easy to do (in my case) yet there are people who keep getting full marks for it (technically majority of the cohort gets close to full marks). Steep bell curve so be prepared and aim for the best. There is case presentations consists of 10%, mainly is to read up a case study and present about it, focusing on economics concepts taught and learnt. Tutorial participation is 10%. No mid-terms.

Final exam is 60% and the format of testing is exactly the same as problem sets (kind of like A level math paper). There is no past year papers to practice as we are the first batch to experience this great change (how lucky I was huh?). Hence it is important to do the problem sets carefully and don't be a slacker trying to rely on your group mates. You will suffer in the end if you do that. 


I got a B-
Problem sets: 20%
Presentation: 10%
Tutorial participation: 10%
Final exam: 60%

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